Raquel & Richard

Where do I begin, I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and Jean in March 2015, alongside my Mum, we knew right away that we were going to work with them, they were so kind, friendly, fun and so easy to get along with.

I worked very closely with Lisa making sure she understood exactly what we wanted, not knowing that she was 3 steps ahead – Lisa has the gift to see your vision, understand it and execute it, without and most importantly WITHOUT imposing her opinion, taste or thoughts – unless asked for. Which I can imagine must be hard, because when we told her we
wanted to have bottle service on every table (meaning all the table settings would be outfitted with bottles of Vodka/Rum/Gin etc) she almost fainted but handled it with so much grace and in the end, loved it (i think).

I took a long time to write this review because I knew it would be hard for me to tell this story without going back to that day in Sept 2016 when I called Lisa to say that we had to postpone the Wedding because My Mum has fell ill and subsequently passed away. She was so understanding and loving but more than that she was absolutely gutted, the kindness she showed us is something I won’t soon forget.

We picked our new date in May 2017, Lisa picked up right where we left off, with that lovely laugh of hers, rearing to go.

We had a few meeting at my Home, where she saved us from a House Mouse – listen – she lept into action! I said to myself my gosh, look at how fast and efficient she is – if I ever had a doubt, I knew at that EXACT moment that she was AMAZING! (haha)

But the best moment was – trying on my dress, without My Mum, only Lisa and Myself, as I look back I remember her looking at me with so much kindness asking me if I wanted to try on the dress ( which we hadn’t planned) because she realized, even before I did how hard it would be for me to do it without My Mum, honestly, thank God she was there, it was hard but she helped me through it by making me laugh, as she so often did.

Our Wedding Day was amazing, I can sit here and write a 100-page book on how every single thing we wanted, was done, even the things that we didn’t know we wanted – Lisa knew we wanted and so they were also done.

The Isle to the Chuppah, Flowers, Table Settings,  Escort Card Table, Tent, Lights, Cake, Leaving at 3am with a smile on your face, and Especially, the lovely framed picture of My Mum in what would have been her Dress for Our Wedding. You can see the pictures, they are all there and they are really amazing!

But what is truly amazing and something you wouldn’t see in these pictures is that Lisa was dealing with her own loss, which she didn’t tell me about nor did she waver or mess up anything because that is the level of professionalism she exhibits at all times. Despite her own sadness, pain and mourning, she managed to be strong enough to create Our amazing Wedding, I may be wrong, I don’t feel I am, but I know that Lisa wanted this for Us, but more for Me, she wanted this day to be
everything for Me because she knew that I would be feeling so much elation and so much sorrow that she didn’t want to let me down – She wanted this for me as much as I wanted it for myself and she didn’t let me down.

For this i am eternally grateful, Lisa is more than a Wedding Planner to me, If you want to have someone in your corner who is going to execute your dreams down to the last dot, Island Bliss Weddings is who you should choose.

Lisa fought for Me, for Us, for Our Dreams, tooth and nail, but she never fought with us.

Island Bliss Weddings is the best, i am so happy we chose them for the happiest day of our lives.

Lisa, i am so blessed that God chose you for this, you are an incredible a human being, it takes a special person to dedicate the time out of your life for so many years to make people happy and you have been so successful at it, but more than success i know that you absolutely Love it.

Thank you Lisa, i love you,

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